We are glad to announce the immediate availability of HelpNDoc 2.0 which includes lots of additions and enhancements, along with a brand new HelpNDoc web site. Let's start with HelpNDoc 2 which features two brand new exporters: Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents can now be generated from HelpNDoc. We also added a find and replace by variable functionality and added a variable panel to simplify their use throughout HelpNDoc. We took a lot of time enhancing little details and much requested features, have a look at the detailed change log bellow. But that's not all...

To celebrate the release of HelpNDoc 2.0 we are offering special discounts for both the standard and professional version. But it's ending June 30th so hurry up and have a look at the online store section to know more about them. As always, HelpNDoc is free for personal use so don't wait and download your version now.

Regarding the new web site, well... here it is! It is based on the popular Drupal CMS so it will be easy to update and enhance. One of the nice thing about the new web-size is that you can now subscribe to the HelpNDoc's news feed to stay up to date with the latest news and updates. If you'd rather follow us on Twitter, that's up to you!

Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think about HelpNDoc or the new web site.