HelpNDoc 2.3 has just been released and is ready for immediate download. This new version introduces floating images, enhanced PDF font embedding options as well as many enhancements and bug fixes including a 32-bit PNG image handling problem and reduced memory consumption.

Floating images in your documentation

You can now insert left or right aligned floating images within your documentation. Supported documentation generation include CHM, HTML and PDF. HelpNDoc 2.3 also introduces an upgraded image export algorithm for better image sizing in the final documentation.

PDF True-Type font embedding option

HelpNDoc now lets you fine-tune the true-type font embedding on your PDF documentation. Choose "full" font embedding to include all the used fonts, "subset" to only include used characters or "none" to never include any font. You can also specify an exclude list to avoid common or unlicensed fonts to be included in your PDF document.

Enhancements and fine-tunning

HelpNDoc 2.3 comes with a lot of improvements including an improved spell-checker, better 32-bit PNG image handling, improved memory consumption and much more...