Did you find it slow and difficult to include media elements in your documentation projects ? Download the brand new HelpNDoc version 5.8 now to take advantage of the amazingly helpful new file import tool: drop multiple files from the Windows Explorer and the dialog will show up to help easily and rapidly choose how those files are imported. And this is only one of the new features available in this latest update, which includes multiple additions and bug fixes to help create the most amazing documentation project, such as: an updated template editor where assets can be edited from within HelpNDoc, better High DPI support for CHM help files, updated HTML documentation generation, and much more... Download your free version of the HelpNDoc help authoring tool now and read more to learn about this latest update.

Import media elements rapidly and easily

Up until now, it was only possible to import media elements to a project one by one: this was a long and error prone process. HelpNDoc 5.8 now includes a useful file import dialog to rapidly and easily import multiple media elements in your documentation project

The new file import dialog can be used to quickly import pictures, image maps, videos or documents into your help project. But it doesn't stop there as it is possible to choose how those individual items are imported (included in the project or as links to an external file), in which folder they are placed in the library, and how external items' paths are stored (relative or absolute).
There are multiple ways to show the new file import dialog:

  • From HelpNDoc's "Home" ribbon tab, in the "Library" group, click "Import Files";
  • Drag and drop media elements from the Windows Explorer on the topic editor to add them to the library, as well as a reference within the topic;
  • Drag and drop media elements from the Windows Explorer on the library panel to add them to the library.

Enhanced built-in template editor

HelpNDoc's amazing template editor could be used to completely create Word and PDF documentation templates as well as setting up HTML based templates (CHM, HTML, ePub, Kindle and Qt Help). It can now be used to completely customize HTML based templates too.

Using HelpNDoc's updated template editor, it is now possible to create assets from within HelpNDoc, and launch an external application to edit those assets. Scripts can now be renamed and if you find it easier to work on the template files from the hard drive, the new "Open location" button can be used to quickly locate the template and start modifications. The template editor can now be used even if no projects are opened.

Better documentation generation and bug fixes

This new version provides enhancements to the CHM documentation generation: image sizes can be saved as Inches to produce better results for High DPI screens; keywords generation has been enhanced... HTML based templates now warn when the default topic is not a "normal" topic.
There are many other enhancements and bug fixes as can be seen on the change log bellow.

As always, HelpNDoc is completely free and fully functional for personal use and evaluation purposes. So download your copy now and enjoy documenting!